Lululemon Hit By Karma Train

Lululemon Hit by Karma Train

Lululemon Hit by Karma Train

The karma train was chugging down the tracks for Lululemon and it finally struck.  When you charge $100 bucks for yoga pants, the results are inevitable.  There has been a recall of the popular black Luon yoga pants that will create shortages of the trendy apparel. It is subsequently driving the Lululemon stock value down.  Supposedly a manufacturing defect has resulted in a ‘level of sheerness’ thus creating ‘see-through’ yoga pants. CEO, Christine Day is finally acknowledging the situation as ‘unacceptable’ even though the pants have been on the shelves since March 1st.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this company, it has definitely been enjoying success with the rising popularity of yoga.  The company’s shares have increased more than 380% over the past five years.  As a long time yogi, I find success resulting from overcharging for yoga apparel to be discouraging, to say the least. I am personally glad to see this misstep.  I know it’s not very “yogalike” to wish ill, but what good comes out of charging too much for yoga clothing?

According to $100 could feed a family of four in Malawi for a year.  Can you imagine what the ancient yogis would have said about people paying this sum for a yoga garment?  Where is the Yoga in paying too much for yoga practice clothes? Yoga means union and expensive yoga pants say exclusion.  If you want a decent pair of pants that will hold up for a couple years of practice, go to Target or better yet, there’s always a good selection at Goodwill.  If you want pizzazz, check out  Jelbel yoga pants are “upcycled”, made out of clothes that would have been otherwise discarded and added to landfills.  Now that feels like yoga to me. 

Sorry Lululemon.  Maybe you can turn this situation into a true yoga practice.  How about donating 50% of your profits to a good cause?  Create some good karma.  Then maybe I could say Namaste to you.

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