Local Love

deborah youngSign One.

It was local love at first site. Well maybe not for Deborah, but I felt a connection and knew that there was something special behind her welcoming smile. I met Deborah Young of Deborah Young Studio at  the Bella Love ‘Tawba Walk event in Cornelius, NC where she was taking pictures. Knowing she represented a business in the heart of Cornelius, her presence was an encouraging sign.  A sign that represented a caring spirit and the growing local connectedness of businesses in my community.

Sign Two.

Deborah was a speaker at the Lake Norman Women’s event organized by the Chamber of Commerce.  Her gutsy attitude rocked the house as she gave her time to provide straight talk business advice to women business owners.  How to stay alive in business?  Deborah’s advice? “Find your passion.” Not only does she care about local business, she cares about helping other aspiring businesses. A bigger sign labeled “Wow!”. I had to let her know how she inspired me. When I did, Deborah passed along an invitation to her local upcoming talk.

Sign Three.

The third sign should have been posted at the entrance of the Lake Norman Peninsula club. Inside Deborah’s brilliant passion for  community – this time a global one- made lights unnecessary. Her pictures and videos told the story of her work with war and poverty scarred children of Afghanistan through the organization Solace for the Children.  I learned about the generous spirit of more local big-hearted people who spoke fervently about the needs of these children and how their lives had been changed through knowing them. Countless people in our community have opened their homes with love, provided free medical care, and given their resources of money and time. This is the definition of humanity at its best. It is the very spirit that gives meaning to life.

I’m proud to know there are people like Deborah Young in my community.  Her type of caring erases dividing lines and brings people together, making the world community a better place. It makes the light in me shine brighter.  I honor the light in you Deborah Young.  I would have taken your picture with a Namaste card but your professional shot with the girls who were helped by Solace for the Children says it so much better.


(For information about Solace for the Children, contact info@solaceforthechildren.org. www.solaceforthechildren.org. There is a need for clothes, over the counter medical supplies, toothbrushes or even hosting a child.)

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