L, L, Lord! and Laurinburg

meandchathie4When Mrs. Ollis, my favorite high school teacher from Scotland High School in Laurinburg, NC, was happy she’d shout out “L, L, Lord!” Not sure where that came from, but if you want to get it right, you have to say two L’s separately then the word Lord.  That’s it.  You’ve got it.  Wherever Mrs. Ollis was yesterday, she said L. L, Lord because Kathie Milligan Billing and I unexpectedly met again for the first time since high school.  Just saying, the last time we were together we probably were doing the “Bump” to K C and the Sunshine Band.  Do the math.  It was a long time ago. 

Both of us were attending an exposition for alternative healing businesses.  She came up to my booth and we just stared for a moment, knowing, but not knowing.  We began connecting the dots.  “What was your last name?”  “Cheeseman”, I replied.  Kathie said, “I’d know those blue eyes anywhere”.  I would know her smile and her blue eyes anywhere. 

Kathie had a few stories to tell.  She is a wife, mother, animal activist, wellness warrior, and 3-time cancer survivor. You can read more about her at http://www.soulmovingyoga.com.  Her story will make you want to jump off your couch and get moving.  When I gave Kathie a Namaste card, she pulled out her roll of “You are Beautiful” stickers and gave one to me.  No.  I am not kidding.  Can I hear an  “L, L, Lord” ?

Kathie, you are right.  You can’t keep those women from Laurinburg down.  Until we meet again and I know it will be sooner, Namaste.

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