Bella Love

namaste-casePut on your sunglasses as I highlight the work of Case Warnemunde of Bella Love an originator of ‘Tawba Walk and other creative community making concepts.  Talking about sharing your light, Case has got it down.  As one of the masterminds behind Bella Love he has help to revitalize the downtown area of Cornelius, NC and brought the community together standing proud. Bella Love events – ‘Tawba Walks, Open Mic Nights, art crawls, community service activities, and evenings of creativity and performance – showcase artists, musicians and small businesses and give them a greater voice plus well deserved recognition.  In turn, all of our lives are made richer by the experiences. This high tech internet world leaves us longing for a deeper human connection where we can get to know the creative people among us and the local business owners who provide our goods and services with a personal touch. We want to know our neighbors, acknowledge and encourage each other. Bella Love serves that need.  They believe we all have something unique and original to bring to the table, and  if we all take ownership and responsibility for our community, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. 

“Uniting the community, inspiring local support, and allowing creativity to prosper… That’s Bella Love.”

They call it creative community making.  I call it a necessity. 

The vision of Bella Love is a huge and honorable dream that inspires me down to my very soul.

Bella Love will make a positive impact on local economies worldwide by uniting individuals through entertainment, service and the fostering of new ideas that benefit the community at large.  Through maintaining a strict, locally focused approach in all areas of operation, Bella Love will play a substantial role in launching careers, funding organizations, and providing future generations with new opportunities for personal and professional development.

You are right Case, we all have something unique and original to bring to the table, and now is the time to take action.Thank you for bringing what you have to the table and taking that action.

If you spend some time with Case Warnemunde you would reach for a Namaste card too. Join me in honoring him back.  Come to a Bella Love event. Do what you love and share it with others.  Namaste.

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