Beer and That’s My Doctor

Dr. Diedrich

Remember when you were a kid and you would claim your favorite teacher by saying, That’s My teacher?  In other words; nana, nana, boo boo, lucky me, unlucky you. Well, That’s My doctor, neurologist, Dr. Andrea Diedrich, and you can’t have her.  Nana nana boo boo. Hold on, it’s not necessary to rush out and get a neurological affliction, I promise to share the top three reasons I claim her, no spinal tap or MRI necessary.


My love for Dr. Diedrich started not with her understanding of medical knowledge, but with her understanding of being human. What other doctor would give you an “OK, why not?” when you asked if you could drink one beer prior to your spinal tap instead of taking a valium because you could trust beer but weren’t sure about valium? I knew this would be a woman I could trust. Fourteen years later, still a little crazy; me, not her, I still happily put my trust in her. 

Smart as Hell

My doctor didn’t close the books when she finished medical school. Together we have given five medicines a chance and finally landed on one that has worked better than the rest.  Just yesterday she told me there may be a better option.  She’s doing her research. Whew! This MS stuff still scares the  $%#* out of me.  I’m glad she’s so smart.  I know you’re jealous.


You know any doctor of mine has to have a healthy respect for yoga.  She credits and applauds my yoga practice as an key factor to my wellness.  During a typical visit I have to balance, walk an imaginary tight rope, show hand eye coordination and hand and leg strength.  She says, wow you’re so strong and your balance is great.  Yoga is really helping you, keep practicing. Yep, I love you Dr. Andrea Diedrich. You’re My Doctor and I am so lucky. Namaste.


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