Yoga with Laurie

Yoga has been an important part of my life for almost 20 years. It all started when I picked up a book from the library called Women and Yoga.  I threw it in my bag packed for a one-time month-long summer stay in the western North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. On my to do list for the trip – learn yoga. How hard could it be? That was almost twenty years ago and I am still learning. Yoga is as complex as it can be physically gentle.  My fascination with it is endless.

The powerful movements of Ashtanga to the restorative poses of Svaroopa yoga have melded together to become a new practice for me. This practice sustains my body, mind and spirit. In fact I have started calling it – “Sustainable Yoga”.  I have always wished everyone could experience the benefits of yoga.  It shouldn’t be an exclusive club for the skinny, young and flexible. If it were, my application would be rejected!

Yoga means union. So come one, come all.  You are perfectly imperfect just like me. Sustainable Yoga is a practice that you can do your entire life.  The poses can be modified for your unique body. They can be practiced in a chair, standing or on the floor.  You can do them if you are tight or flexible, young or not so young.  You don’t have stand on your head or touch your toes.  The only requirement is that you can breathe.  That’s you!