Namaste Connections

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Namaste Connections

Everyday my path crosses with someone who inspires me. One-time meetings to ongoing relationships all hold the opportunity of a deeper connection,  If you are looking, you will find it.  I call these these experiences, Namaste Connections Namaste is a greeting that acknowledges the spark of goodness within another person.  When someone rocks my soul I reach for a Namaste card. With permission I take a picture to capture the moment with the goal of writing about the experience.

Passing the Torch

My first Namaste card came from a lifelong friend, Sallie.  In fact she gave me a whole pack, a fitting tribute to our longtime connection. I was instantly taken with the card design, and the powerful meaning. I couldn’t wait to share them. The simple act of giving a card took the Namaste Connection to a whole new level. It made the memory a little more sticky.  I could see signs that the same thing was happening for the people who received them.  Cards were stuck on the sides of computer screens, laying on dashboards and desks, posted on bulletin boards and beside cash registers at businesses. I needed more. 

Fire Starters

Before I knew it, my car was burning a trail to Asheville to meet the two women who started this thing. Fireworks and music please.  Allison Blake and Elisa Van Arnam aka SoulKu put two sticks together with a spark that came directly from their hearts. Their vision for SouKu is enormous:

Globally connecting, kindness exporting, inspiration spreading antidote to the high tech/low touch society we live in with the same hope of passing and sharing it with others. 

I’m so in.

Burn Baby Burn

This child of the 60’s-70’s proudly displayed a poster in her bedroom – “A Dreamer Lives Forever”.  Dreams can come true with a little help from your friends.  Sorry – couldn’t resist. Sallie and I decided to start Namaste Connections.  We hope others will join this global mission of kindness. We encourage you to pass along a Namaste card when someone rocks your soul. Wouldn’t it be great to find reminder signs everywhere?  Sallie and I would be ecstatic to light your candle.  Let’s light up the world.





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